Efes Pilsen, Turkey’s first and most well-known beer brand, is one of the leading drinks in alcohol. This beer brand, which has an important place in the Turkish beer industry, has many varieties. Efes Pilsen, which has mobilized many innovations in beer production and consumption, offers its products at many points of sale today.

Efes Pilsen has breathed new life into the beer industry with its modern production techniques and solutions that keep pace with innovation and shape the beer industry. With its quality control practices, Efes Pilsen is one of the most reliable and preferred beer brands. As such, its prices in the market are also researched by many people. Here are the most preferred Efes beer varieties and prices in Turkey…

Efes Beer Types and Prices

The Efes brand, which started to make a name for itself in the 1990s, now offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages.  The varieties of this beer brand usually vary according to their weight and alcohol content.  For example, Efes Pilsen contains 5% alcohol, while Efes Lighty contains 3.5% alcohol. In general, the alcohol content of drinks from this beer brand ranges from 3% to 9%.

Efes Beer Price

Although there are different prices according to the varieties, they are generally priced close to each other.  Pricing also varies according to local monopolies and markets.  Efes beer price in Turkey is as follows:

Efes Long Bottle: 1,3 Euro/ 45 TL

Efes Can Beer: 1,5 Euro/ 49 TL

Efes Malt 50 TL: 1,5 Euro / 49 TL

Efes Special Series: 1,60 Euro/ 55 TL

If you consume it in a place, this price changes. Generally, venues charge 2-3 times more. To see other beer prices in Turkey, click How Much Is the Price of Beer in Turkey? You can visit the page titled.