How Much is the iPhone 15 Price in Turkey 2024? The iPhone 15 is one of the most popular iPhone models, despite its recent launch. Apple, the leading phone brand in the technology industry, has seized an excellent opportunity by launching this phone model. This phone model, which attracts attention especially with its soft colors and camera features, fascinates with its innovative and unique design features. This phone model, which has already broken high sales records worldwide, has been preferred by many people since the day it was first released in Turkey. At this point, the price of iphone 15 is also curious and researched. It is important to know that these prices vary according to GB, color, insurance and similar factors.

Iphone 15 Features

The recently released iphone 15 was developed and presented by Apple. Most phone users usually prefer Apple. This model also attracted the majority of users and was taken without a decision for a long time. At this point, its prominent and improved features are curious. The model, which is similar to the iphone 14 in design, differs with the moving notch area called dynamic island. The screen is brighter compared to the previous generation, the maximum pixel brightness in the iphone 15 model reaches 1600 nits in HDR.

These models, which also attract attention with their color design, are now dominated by pastel tones. With blue, black, green, yellow and pink colors, it once again highlights its remarkable design. The 48MP main camera with 2x telephoto is another aspect that distinguishes it from other models. Its 48 MP camera offers users a unique user experience by taking clear videos and photos with its 100% Focus Pixels feature. Three different zoom levels and 2x telephoto option also differentiate the hardware features.

iPhone 15 Price in Turkey 2024

In Turkey, the price of iPhone 15 128 GB varies between 1.576,23 Euro and 1.637,18 Euro. When these prices are calculated in Turkish Lira, 50.549,00 TL becomes 52.499,00 TL.  256 GB varies between 1,623.98 Euro and 1,715.69 Euro. This price is calculated as 52,059.05 TL 54,999.00 TL in Turkey. The phone, which has high memory space options, also draws attention with its 512 GB space. The iphone 15 with 512 GB varies between 1.952,67 Euro and 2.014,60 Euro. This corresponds to 62.599,00 TL – 64.581,02 TL in Turkey. Colors are also one of the factors that make a slight difference in prices. In addition, the accident insurance offered by sellers also increases these prices.

Where to buy iPhone in Turkey

It is very easy to buy an iPhone in Turkey. There are many technology markets. Popular technology markets; Vatan Bilgisayar, Media Markt, Teknosa. And of course Apple Stores. These stores are usually located in shopping malls. There are many shopping malls in big cities such as Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Bursa. If you write in the comments which city you want to buy from, I can write you the places where you can buy it.