How Much is the Antalya Cable Car Price? The cable car in Antalya offers magnificent views to those who come to Antalya. The cable car, which is one of the facilities offered to tourists in the city, leaves many people satisfied. There are cable car lines in many parts of the city and they are used especially in the spring months. The cable cars, which go up to a height of 50-80 meters from the city center, offer magnificent and breathtaking views. In addition to the spring months, these views are even more mesmerizing in winter, when it snows. As such, it is inevitable that tourists will flock more during snowy periods.

Why is the Cable Car Preferred?

Most of the guests coming to Antalya prefer the cable car. Every view is magnificent in Antalya, which has a unique geographical structure. However, if you want to go to the top and watch the view from here, you should definitely prefer the cable car. This system, which takes many people up, allows you to watch the view while sipping your tea. While at the top, you can immortalize the magnificent views by taking plenty of photos.

You can witness breathtaking and mesmerizing views with the cable car ride that starts at the bottom of the mountain. In some areas you can see the endless sea. The views you will watch from high up are presented from a wide perspective. Visiting mountains and historical sites is another advantage of the cable car. You can even go to a mountainous area you have never been to before by cable car. So, it is also possible to use it as a means of transportation.

How Many Meters High is Antalya Cable Car?

There are several cable car facilities in Antalya and their heights are different from each other. Antalya Tünektepe cable car facility with an altitude of 605 meters is one of them. After a steep climb, you can watch the natural views of Antalya with the cable car that takes you to the mountainous terrain.

Where is Antalya Cable Car?

Antalya cable car is located close to the harbor in Konyaalti region. The exact location is at the entrance of the promenade area of Sarısu Beach. It is possible to reach this facility, which is 13 km from the center, by public transportation. You can also go by driving in the direction of Konyaaltı-Sarısu with your car.

Cable Car Ticket Prices in Antalya

Cable car ticket prices in Antalya are 1.25 Euros between the ages of 7-16. This makes 40 TL when converted into Turkish lira. 17 years and over is 2.34 Euro. This corresponds to 75 TL. 0-6 years old are free of charge.