What are the laptop prices in Turkey? Many people who want to buy a laptop from Turkey ask this question. As someone living in Turkey, unfortunately, we cannot access technological products at affordable prices. The reason is that SCT (Special Consumption Tax) is charged in Turkey. And this tax is quite high. The tax rate on technological products can reach up to 60%. For this reason, it may not be a good idea to buy a laptop from Turkey.

Those who live in Turkey and go abroad generally buy their technological products from abroad. This provides a price advantage. Of course, while saying these, you can definitely see cheaper prices compared to some countries. Now I will write you some popular laptop models and their prices in Turkey. If there is a laptop model you want to buy and you want to know the price in Turkey, write a comment in the comment field. I will reply you shortly.

The list usually includes mid-range laptops. Laptop prices in Turkey on a Turkish lira basis start from 10.000 Turkish lira. 10.000 Lira is around 300 Euros and 350 dollars today. However, these inexpensive laptops, which are entry-level, do not provide high performance. It is possible to buy a mid-range laptop in the range of 800-1200 euros. Apple macbok models are sold at a very high price. However, you can have laptops from Asus, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Huawei, MSI, Toshiba at more affordable prices than Apple.

Buy Laptop Turkey!
How can I buy a laptop from Turkey? It is very easy to buy a laptop in Turkey. There are many reliable online shopping sites. Technology markets are also very common. If you are going to buy it over the internet, you can buy it from sites such as Hepsiburada, trendyol, n11. If you want to buy from technology markets, I recommend you to go to technology markets such as Vatan Computer, Teknosa, and mediamarkt. Generally, these stores are in all shopping centers.

ModelTurkey Price (TL)DollarEuro
Apple MacBook Air M130.000 TL1000 $910 €
Apple MacBook Air M246.000 TL1550 $1400 €
Apple MacBook Pro M360.000 TL2000 $1820 €
Apple MacBook Pro M2 Pro85.000 TL2800 $2580 €
Hp Victus 16-S0017NT32.000 TL1080 $990 €
Huawei Matebook D 1622.000 TL720 $670 €
Casper Excalibur G77025.000 TL800 $760 €
Lenovo LOQ Intel Core30.000 TL1000 $910 €
Acer Nitro 5 AN515-5837.000 TL1200 $1120 €

If you want to learn about laptop prices in Turkey, take a look at our list.