Taxi is one of the important means of transportation used in every city in Turkey. It is especially preferred in big cities. Since Antalya is both a tourism and a big city, there are taxi stands at many points. Taxi drivers, who generally provide 24/7 transportation service, deliver to the desired destination. As everywhere, a certain fee schedule has been determined in taxi service.

Taxi Prices Turkey Antalya 2024

Taxi prices Turkey Antalya varies according to the opening fee, mileage fee and the landing and alighting fee. Taximeter opening fee in Antalya is 20 TL. The kilometer fee is 25 TL and the hop on hop off fee is set at 60 TL.  Taxi fare calculation is generally done accordingly. In Euros, the taxi opening fee is 0.61 Euros, km is 0.77 Euros, and the fare for getting in and out is 1.84 Euros.

Boarding and alighting fare is the shortest distance to be traveled. For example, if you are traveling less than 2 km, you will have to pay a hop-on, hop-off fare. This fee varies according to the tariffs of taxi companies in the cities. If you are going to a very short distance, you need to pay 60 TL in Antalya.

Antalya Airport Taxi Prices

As in every city, taxis are used especially to get from the airport to the city. Antalya airport taxi prices can be a bit costly. This is because the distance to the city is long. Taxi fares are calculated by adding the km to be traveled on the starting price. For example, the taxi fare between Antalya Airport and Otogar is 430 – 480 TL. This is equivalent to 13.18 euros. Antalya airport taxi prices can vary between 350-350 TL if going to the city center. Antalya airport to side taxi price is 70 $ – 60 €.  This makes 2000 TL when calculated in Turkish Lira.

Is Antalya Airport Far from the City Center?

Antalya Airport is quite far from Muratpaşa, which is known as the city center. City buses also operate between these places. However, their hours are specific and limited. For this reason, it is much better to use a taxi or transfer vehicle. Taxis are more economical than transfer vehicles. Anyway, taxi is the most preferred means of transportation. You can use a taxi by indicating where you want to go in the city.