Those who are looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul generally want to know the house prices in Istanbul. If you are thinking of buying a house in Istanbul, you should definitely read this article. Because there are many different prices in Istanbul. You can see very cheap or very expensive houses. In this article, I will talk about both the prices and the reasons for the price difference.

Istanbul House Prices
You can find a house for 200 thousand liras or 200 million liras in Istanbul. One of the factors that cause price difference is location. The biggest problem of Istanbul is the transportation problem. It is not easy when you want to go from one place to another. For this reason, people generally want to live in a central place, close to their workplaces. Prices are high when space is limited. Therefore, if you want to be in the city center, house prices start from 2 Million Turkish Liras. If the house you want to live in is a house with a Bosphorus view, this figure will exceed 10 million Turkish liras.

Istanbul Apartments For Sale!
If you want to buy a cheap house in Istanbul, you should prefer places that are a little further away from the city center. Thus, you can buy a house in Istanbul at a cheap price. Cheap house prices start from 300 thousand Turkish Liras. You can increase this number according to your budget.

How can I reach Istanbul Apartments for Sale? This is one of the frequently asked questions. There are many local real estate agents in Turkey and in Istanbul. You can see a real estate agent in every neighborhood where you want to buy a house. If you want to find a house by searching the internet, you can visit It is Turkey’s largest classifieds website. Anyone who wants to sell a house, car or second-hand item uses this site.

Where to Buy a House in Istanbul?
Let’s talk about popular places in Istanbul. Some beautiful districts you can choose to buy a house: Kadikoy, Besiktas, Sisli, Fatih, Caddebostan, Uskudar, Sariyer. You can complain about some traffic, but it is among the places to live in Istanbul.