Food Prices in Turkey! As it is known, Turkish cuisine is a rich cuisine that comes to the fore among world cuisines. Vegetable dishes, meat dishes and desserts are very diverse and delicious. If you want, let’s start with meat dishes first. When you say Turkey, one of the most important dishes that comes to mind is the kebab, which is called Turkish delight. It is possible to eat kebabs, which have many varieties such as Adana kebab (spicy) and Urfa kebab (without spicy), such as onion kebab, beyti kebab, eggplant kebab, for a minimum of 30 TL in Turkish restaurants and around 80 TL if you want to eat in a luxury place. When you come to Turkey, which is famous for its street delicacies other than kebab, it is not possible to return without eating kokoreç. Kokorec is a kind of fast food made from the intestines of suckling lamb. However, the average price of kokorec, which is a unique flavor that you should try before being biased, is around 30-50 TL. Another flavor is the grilled meatballs that come with bulgur pilaf and delicious ayran. Meatballs, which are also sold in vehicles as a bread between the streets, are a spicy dish made from ground beef. Meatballs, which vary between 40-80 TL depending on where you eat, are a flavor you should definitely try.

Doner Kebab Price in Turkey!
Another meat dish is the doner, which is consumed as fast food with chicken, lamb, served as a hand of veal, wrapped in a dough called bread or bazlama, which has names such as İskender and Hatay. Döner with and without sauce is one of the classic street foods in Turkey, it is quite delicious and the price is more affordable than other meat dishes. The price of chicken doner kebab with its buttermilk varies between 2-300 TL on average, while meat doner wraps vary between 30-40 TL. Another famous meat dish is tantuni. Tantuni is made by cutting steak and tail fat very thinly, dressing with various spices, adding tomatoes and onions to it and turning it into a wrap. The price of tantuni, which varies according to where you eat, varies between 35-45 TL on average.

Food Prices in Turkey!

Seafood is also consumed quite frequently in Turkey, which is a peninsula country. At the beginning of these are fish bread, which is a street delicacy consisting of fish such as sardines and haddock, which changes according to the season, mussels pan and stuffed mussels, which are made by stuffing mussels with spicy rice. While the average price of fish bread varies between 30-50, mussels are sold for an average of 2 TL.

Another Turkish delicacy you should try, raw meatballs are divided into two as with meat and without meat. Raw meatballs, which are formed by kneading the bulgur with various spices, are optionally eaten with or without meat. The average price of raw meatball wrap, which is an exquisite taste when consumed with ayran and pomegranate syrup, varies between 15-20 TL and is a cheap dish.

Another flavor of traditional Turkish cuisine that tourists wonder about and are unsure about whether to eat at the same time is soups made from offal. You should definitely try these delicious miraculous soups, which are seen as a source of healing and heal you immediately when you drink them when you are sick. You should definitely try the tripe soup made from the stomach of the cattle, the head trotter soup obtained from the head and feet of the sheep and the brain soup obtained from the brain of the sheep, as well as the cold cuts made from the head and cheek meat of the sheep. The average prices of these soups and cold cuts vary between 30-40 TL.

As for desserts, you should definitely try milk desserts such as traditional Kazandibi and Kaskul. The prices of milk desserts vary between 25-30 TL. Another world-famous dessert is baklava, which is a kind of dumpling that leaves a mark on your palate with its walnut, pistachio, chocolate and milk varieties. It is possible to eat an average portion of baklava between 40-50 TL.

Mc Donalds Turkey Price!
If you want to taste the flavors you know instead of traditional dishes in Turkey, you can find giant fast food chain branches such as McDonalds and Burger King, Dominos, Pizza Hut on almost every corner. Here, an average meat hamburger menu is between 50-60 TL, while an average pizza menu varies between 60-70 TL. Beers with brands such as Tuborg and Efes vary between 40-45 TL in the venues and 20-25 TL in the markets, while the prices of 1 liter Coke for brands such as Coca Cola Pepsi vary between 7-10 TL in the markets. We hope our article will help you with food when you visit Turkey.

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