Bread consumption in Turkey is quite high. So much so that it is even higher than the consumption in Europe. Since Turkish society considers bread to be a very satisfying food, it is consumed at almost every meal. For this reason, bread is sold in markets, grocery stores and bakeries. So when you come to Turkey, you can find bread in many places. If we talk about the prices, we should mention that they vary according to the types and grams.

Types of Bread Sold in Turkey

You can see more than one variety of bread in Turkey. For centuries, bread has been considered a miraculous blessing in Turkey. It is possible to find almost 1000 varieties of bread, which is considered a basic food source. As lifestyles change, bread varieties are also increasing. Breads are made from various flours ranging from white flour to rye flour, whole wheat flour to wholemeal flour. Bread varieties are almost the same in grocery stores.

Bread varieties in Turkey take their place in the supermarket aisles. You can find what you want among hundreds of varieties. One example is gluten-free bread, which is a particularly healthy type of bread. Healthy and nutritious breads are available at different prices. You can find olive bread, thyme bread and even tomato bread in large bakeries. However, it should be noted that white bread is the most consumed bread in Turkey. Since it is a traditional bread, it is possible to see it on almost every table.

Bread Prices in Turkey 2024

As with all products in Turkey, bread is offered to consumers at certain prices. Since each bread product is offered at a different price, the decision is up to the consumer. If you crave a hamburger, you can buy hamburger bread, and if you crave toast, you can buy toast bread. In general, bread prices in Turkey are as follows:

1 piece of white bread: 0.25 Euro/ 8 TL

Toast bread: 0.62 Euro/ 20.00 TL

350 grams of whole wheat bread: 0.50 Euro/ 16.00 TL

8 hamburger buns: 0.75 Euro/ 24.00 TL

7 pieces of sandwich bread: 0.79 Euro/ 25.50 TL

400 grams of rye bread: 0.70 Euro/ 22.50 TL

Whole wheat bread: 0.76 Euro/ 24.50 TL

300 grams sesame bread: 0.75 Euro/ 24.00 TL

German bread pcs: 1.18 Euro/ 37.90 TL

Mixed grain bread: 1.24 Euro 39.90 TL